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You can make a difference to our Jewish Communities


The concept of Kehillah (community) is very important in Jewish tradition. The Jewish community is a central force in the lives of most Jews and plays a vital role in assuring our future.


When one gives of oneself out a sense of responsibility and obligation, one performs the act of Tzedakah (charity). This is why volunteering reflects the true act of giving.


Jewish Immigration Aid Services of Canada ( JIAS) is a community created and community supported agency dedicated to facilitating the lawful entry and resettlement of Jewish refugees and immigrants in Canada. JIAS promotes and advances their well-being through its network of settlement services/programs, and expedites integration into the Jewish community and society at large.


In a many ways, helping others helps the helper: volunteering can create a great sense of self-worth and confidence, produce feelings of good health, reduce stress and overcome loneliness. In many cases volunteering can be considered Canadian work experience.


Volunteering can be as simple as stuffing envelopes to announce a program for new immigrants, or as rewarding a becoming a telephone contact for a newcomer family to help guide them on their integration journey; as creative as running a program for immigrant teens or as heartwarming as visiting a newcomer senior. You can volunteer your language skills, your driving skills, your baking skills. There are so many ways in which you can become involved.


Call your nearest JIAS or Jewish Family Service office and speak to the volunteer coordinator. Explain that you are interested in helping new immigrants, and take it from there.


Good Luck, and Thank You on behalf of our JIAS family




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