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Vancouver from above

Vancouver, British Columbia


Canada’s Gateway to the Pacific Rim Vancouver, situated, on Canada’s west coast, is a thriving metropolis of 2 million people from the four corners of the globe. Boastfully, locals sing the praises of Vancouver’s natural beauty.

From Vancouver you can go skiing in the morning, play 18 holes of golf in the afternoon, and dine al fresco at any one of the city’s many fine restaurants while the rest of the country is blanketed in snow. The Pacific ensures mild winters (7°C) and pleasant summers (22°C) with the greatest rainfall from October to March.

The local economy is holding its own; the traditional industries of forestry and fisheries are being replaced by the new wave of technology based industries including eCommerce, Environmental and Alternative Energy industries, BioTech and Dot Com business’ such that Vancouver is now Canada’s Dot Com Capital. When you ask a Vancouverite why he or she lives in Vancouver, the response is “it’s the quality of life”.

The first Jewish immigrants arrived in Vancouver during the frenzy of the Gold Rush at the end of the 19th century. Those immigrants, mainly from the British Empire, the U.S.A. and Central Europe integrated quickly into the language, way of life and relative affluence of Anglo society. The community has mushroomed since then, taking in Jews fleeing the pogroms, the Holocaust and persecution in the Former Soviet Union.
In recent years immigrants have come from a wide spectrum of countries so that today’s Jewish community is modern and highly cosmopolitan, consisting of approximately 25,000 located all over the Lower Mainland. Community services have kept abreast with this growth. Today there are active synagogues and day schools, a Jewish Community Centre with a wide spectrum of recreational and educational programs for all ages and the Jewish Family Service Agency (JFSA) that for the last 70 years has been providing resources and opportunities to strengthen and enhance the quality of life for individuals and families.

JFSA plays an essential role in welcoming and assisting in the integration of newcomers into the Jewish and broader communities. Our employment services offer one-on-one employment coaching and assistance with job placement. JFSA also offers assistance with pre-migration enquiries, as well as immigration consultation and referrals after arrival.

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