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Maria Rakhoutina (l), JIAS Canada’s first Scholarship Award recipient from Windsor, On. with Sharon Hochberg, Board Member, JIAS Canada


Each year, JIAS Canada awards scholarships to Jewish immigrant students across the country in three categories:

General Scholarships


In 1987, JIAS Canada was the recipient of an anonymous bequest which was used to set up a Scholarship Fund for Jewish immigrant students pursuing general post-secondary studies at the university or college level. Over the years, additional donations have been made to JIAS Canada to enhance this Scholarship Fund. We are proud to be able to recognize and support the achievements of newcomer students.


John Hirsch Awards For The Arts And The Performing Arts


John Hirsch, one of Canada’s most distinguished theatre directors, arrived in Canada as an immigrant in 1947 at the age of 17. Born in Siofok, Hungary, he was the only member of his immediate family to survive the Holocaust. His love of theatre and the arts blossomed at an early age, and he grew to become renowned as a theatre director for some of the best productions across Canada. On his death a bequest was made to JIAS Canada which has been used to set up a Scholarship Fund to support students in the Arts and Performing Arts.


The Michael And Marta Herling Award


In 1994 Marta and Michael Herling of Montreal, long-time supporters of JIAS and Jewish immigration to Canada, established a national scholarship award.  Both Michael and Marta Herling have passed away but their legacy continues to support JIAS students.


Scholarships are offered to Jewish immigrant students who have been in Canada for nine years or less.


One application form is used to apply for all scholarships. The Committee will decide for which scholarship each applicant is most suited. Completed applications are due at the JIAS Canada office by no later than the third Monday of April. Each year the Scholarship Committee meets in May or June to discuss the applications. It is always a pleasure, and a challenge to select scholarship winners from the many outstanding candidates who apply. The Scholarship Committee considers academic background and achievements, the financial situation and the commitment to community of each candidate, as well as examining the student’s goals and aspirations, and letters of reference.

We are most grateful to all those who have made it possible for us to help Jewish immigrant students to further their education. We are very aware of the need for these scholarships which not only help newcomers financially, but recognize their importance as future builders of Canadian Jewish society.

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