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Aerial view of Fredericton

Fredricton, New Brunswick


Located in the geographic centre of New Brunswick, Fredericton is the third largest city and the capital of the Province. It lies along the shores of the St. John River, upriver from Saint John, making it a popular spot for recreational boating. An important cultural, artistic and educational centre for the Province, Fredericton is home to two universities, The University of New Brunswick and Saint Thomas University making Fredericton the centre of higher education in the Province. Because the government and universities are so central to Fredericton’s economy, it is insulated from the resource-and industry-related ups-and-downs that affect many other maritime cities.

Fredericton is a surprisingly cosmopolitan and cultured city for its size, hosting the annual Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival and the New Brunswick Summer Music Festival. It is also home to the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, the York-Sunbury Museum, and The Playhouse, a performing arts venue.

The Jewish community in Fredericton revolves around Sgoolai Israel a Modern Orthodox synagogue. About 60 Jewish families live in the city.

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