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• Immigration Consultation and Pre-migration Counselling

• Referral to Communities

• Case Advocacy

The current geo-political situation has resulted in an increased number of requests for Canadian immigration information from Jews residing in many parts of the world. The Immigration Counselling program is used to provide that information.

JIAS Canada staff familiarizes itself with immigration laws, regulations and guidelines, so that para-legal advice can be given to clients, local relatives and Jewish organizations regarding possible processing of family, friends and needed employees. JIAS Canada senior management stays in close contact with Federal immigration officials and consulates abroad to ensure smooth, open communication regarding a variety of cases and the overall flow of Jewish immigrants to Canada.

With the large influx of immigrants to our communities over the last 30 years, and today’s technology, there is a constant flow of needed information from our office to organizations, families and individuals overseas regarding the immigration process to Canada.

In complex and difficult cases we advocate on behalf of clients with Canadian Immigration authorities both in Canada and overseas.

Liaison with Canadian Consulates overseas and across the U.S. border is handled by the National Executive Director. This includes correspondence, telecommunication and some on-site visits to ensure a line of communication necessary for our immigration program. An important by-product of this contact is keeping officials up to date on Jewish issues, which impinge on immigration and general Jewish welfare.

For many years, JIAS Canada has acted as a consultant to prospective applicants for Permanent Residence to Canada. We provide such services as preliminary assessment of applicants’ eligibility; review and analysis of applicants’ CV’s and résumés; feedback to clients after the completed assessment and review; helping clients in their choices; referring clients to legal professionals as needed and connecting clients with the community of their choice.



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