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Newcomers participating in a workshop that will help them learn more about their community.


Jewish Immigrant Aid Services of Canada (JIAS) Canada is the oldest chartered not-for-profit settlement organization in Canada. For over 85 years, we have been a critical force in shaping and building the Jewish communities of Canada. Founded on August 30th, 1922, JIAS Canada has assisted Eastern European Jews escaping pogroms, Holocaust survivors, Bosnian refugees, and a multitude of other Jews from around the world. In one way or another, the life of every Jewish family in Canada has been touched by JIAS Canada.


JIAS Canada continues to serve as the voice of the Canadian Jewish community on issues of integration and re-settlement. We champion the cause of all new immigrants and refugees by positively influencing Canadian immigration laws, policies and practices, and by ensuring that they are humane in nature and responsive to the needs of potential newcomers.

JIAS Canada’s values are based on its Jewish heritage and are reflected in its compassion and generosity in supporting newcomers to Canada. We believe in accessibility to all immigrants so that economic, employment and/or other barriers do not preclude them from receiving services. JIAS respects individuals, treating them fairly, ethically, and with dignity. Our Agency is open, honest and transparent in its conduct, ensuring accountability for its decisions and use of funds. We strongly support an inclusive and welcoming multi-cultural Jewish community that offers full participation to all its members.


JIAS Canada has a volunteer Board of Directors of 17 with 6 working committees and task forces. The organization also has a group of committed volunteers across the country, who contribute their time and talent to improving the lives of immigrants in Canada.


And we do so much more.



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